13. Norfolk – Thursday 5 July

Chestnut Farm, West Beckham, Holt
Mr and Mrs John McNeil Wilson

John and Judy McNeil Wilson moved into Chestnut Farm in 1963 and immediately started work on the garden. Initially they were concerned with levelling to create a croquet lawn, but soon planting became the priority. The result is a garden filled with wonderful horticultural delights growing with great vigour in this mildly acidic glacial soil. In the woodland garden a Pittosporum and Griselinia, more trees than shrubs, show how big these can get if grown well. An old paddock has been transformed into a botanic sweet tin with Hoheria, Sorbus and Malus species, Acer griseum, Liriodendron tulipifera, and Calycanthus among so much else. This is a garden of huge charm gardened with great expertise and enthusiasm.

Hunworth Hall - Tour 13

Hunworth Hall

Hunworth Hall, Hunworth, Holt
Henry and Charlotte Crawley

Hunworth Hall was built in 1699 and the Dutch style of the house is echoed in the formal layout of the garden. This is no mere historical recreation, although old estate maps provided the inspiration for the contemporary layout, but is an original design, from scratch, by Henry Crawley. Clipped beech, Thuja and evergreen oak hedges divide the gently sloping area into different rooms along a central vista that runs the length of the garden. Two canals which run at right angles are overlooked by a charming pavilion based on the original at Westbury Court in Gloucestershire. The last section of the garden is a working kitchen garden.