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Spring in Piedmont 2018

Monday 23rd –Friday 27th April 2018

Monday 21st– Friday 25th May 2018

Piedmont is a country of the border lands; in Italy and yet with a strongly marked difference. Around Turin, the Alps, rising to the west in a huge embracing arc, are a constant presence. The ruling dynasty, who were originally Counts of Savoy on the French side of the mountains, became ultimately Kings of Italy.

Turin is a delight, but feels unlike other Italian cities; it is laid out in a grid pattern, a legacy from the Roman town founded in 28BC, but these elegant streets have wide colonnades, which make for very agreeable strolling and many end dramatically in a vista of snow-covered peaks. It is a city of great charm, filled with treasures; royal palaces are scattered in profusion in and just outside the city, baroque churches in equal number, a fine art galley attached to the Royal Palace, a world class Egyptian Museum, which contains the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside Egypt, and, of course, the Turin Shroud, housed in the cathedral.

Outside the city there are remarkable gardens, some by Russell Page and others, including his own enchanting garden, by the great Italian designer Paolo Pejrone.

We will explore the city, some of the Royal palaces just outside and venture further into the countryside to see some wonderful gardens.

To book a place on this tour or for more information on this or the tour to Ninfa and the Gardens of the Roman Campagna in May, please contact James Bolton on

Siena and the Gardens of Southern Tuscany

Monday 15th – Friday 19th May 2017


Hill-top Siena, for so long the arch-rival of Florence, will be our base for this five-day tour. It is, even more than Florence, the archetypal medieval Italian city, narrow streets running between tall and imposing palazzi to the huge fan-shaped Campo where the Palio is run twice a year.  The distinctive striped cathedral, perched on the top of one of the city’s hills, catches the eye from almost every direction.  We are based in the five-star Grand Hotel Continental, the former the seventeenth century Palazzo Gori Pannilini, built by Pope Alexander VII as a wedding present to his niece Olympia Chigi on her marriage to Giulio de’Gori, situated in the very heart of the city. From here it is only a few minutes’ walk to the Piazza del Campo and the cathedral.

Spring in Naples, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast

Wednesday 19th – Monday 24th April 2017

Wednesday 3rd – Monday 8th May 2017

naplesIn the late Neapolitan spring, the air is redolent with the scent of lemon blossom and the wisteria is in full bloom. Across the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and Capri seem to hang in the opalescent light. On the Amalfi coast the mountains, terraced with lemon groves, plunge into sunlit seas.

This is a six-day tour, with three nights at the five star Grand Hotel Parkers in the centre of Naples, with all rooms enjoying the spectacular view of the Bay of Naples, and two nights in Ravello at the Hotel Villa Maria.

Please note that the tour from 3-8 May is now fully booked.