Day Tours to the Finest Private Gardens and Houses for 2018

Ince Castle - Tour 1

Ince Castle – Tour 1

Day Tours for 2018

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  1. Devon and Cornwall Wednesday 16 May
    Trematon Castle, Thorn House and Ince Castle
  2. Devon Thursday 17 May
    Mothecombe House, Lukesland and Bickham House
  3. Cheshire Wednesday 6 June
    Henbury Hall and Biddulph Old Hall
  4. Berkshire Tuesday 12 June
    Woolton House, The Old Rectory, West Woodhay and West Woodhay House
  5. Wiltshire and Hampshire Friday 15 June
    Maslens Farm, Redenham Park and Broadleas House
  6. Worcestershire Tuesday 19 June
    Conderton Manor, Birtsmorton Court and Morton Hall
  7. Berkshire and Hampshire Wednesday 20 June
    Earlstone Manor, Kirby House and Hazelby House
  8. Wiltshire Thursday 21 June
    Seend Manor, Manor Farm and a garden near Marlborough
  9. Oxfordshire Tuesday 26 June
    Rousham House, Court Farm and Worcester College
  10. Monmouthshire Thursday 28 June
    High Glanau Manor, Llanover and Allt y Bela
  11. Herefordshire Friday 29 June
    Brockhampton Cottage, Kentchurch Court and The Green
  12. Norfolk Wednesday 4 July
    Raynham Hall, Sennowe Park and Silverstone Farm
  13. Norfolk Thursday 5 July
    Chestnut Farm and Hunworth Hall
  14. Dorset Wednesday 5 September
    Farrs, Harvard Farm and The Old Parsonage
  15. Dorset Thursday 6 September
    Cranborne Manor and St Giles House
  16. Herefordshire Wednesday 12 September
    Brockhampton Cottage, Grendon Court and Scatterford Farm

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