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Vicenza: Gardens and Palladian Villas of the Veneto
Monday 6th -Friday 10th May 2019
The Venetian Empire, originally maritime and eastward-looking, turned, in the 15th century, towards the “terra firma” of mainland Italy. One by one, former independent city states, such as Verona and Padua, came under Venetian rule. More than any other city, Vicenza rejoiced in the cultural impact of Venetian colonisation and, in the 16th century, Andrea Palladio adorned the city with palaces and the surrounding countryside with villas for Vicentine nobility and Venetian settlers.

The five-day tour, based in the centre of this delightful city, takes in, not only the important Palladian buildings in Vicenza, but also explores nearby villas built by Palladio and his followers, some of these have enchanting gardens, others are spectacularly placed within the landscape. In a number of these villas, generous hosts will be giving us lunch.

We are planning to return to South Africa in October 2019.

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